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Have you heard?

Unless you've been out of touch, it should come as no surprise that the digital ledger has begun to make its way into the realm of insurance and risk management.

Much like the internet was decades ago, this disruption will cause pain and pleasure and while its...

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Retro Risk Financing

Few remember the tragic MGM Grand fire of 1980. Aside from the 85 lives lost, the disaster brought forth some creative risk financing techniques.

Additional liability insurance was actually purchased AFTER the loss as risk financing sources speculated on the total settlements sought.

Sophisticated sources provide such opportunities today...

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In risk management, we are often called upon to forecast the future which - of course - we cannot do.

That said, our task is to empower the decision makers to assess the 'possibilities' that the future may hold.

This requires unbiased vision and...

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Prevent...Not Recover!

This statement sets the tone for our enterprise inasmuch as it is our mission to direct out clients into a planning protocol which, if not alleviate altogether, will mitigate significantly, the impact of fortuitous events on the financial stability an the organization. We aim to 'close the barn door...

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“We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

With apologies to Oliver Perry, this phrase is appropriate in today's culture when risk management metrics inform decisions which are made contrary thereof...

While there is always an intuitive piece to decision making late-adopters of the advance in data analytics remain skeptical as to the findings fueled...

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