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ASTORIA RMS is a MWBE(Minority Owned Women Business Enterprise) specializing in risk management services and independent insurance solutions, focusing on an Insurtech approach to serving our clients. 

ASTORIA RMS partners with our clients to explore the risks that may put assets in harm's way. We represent a wide range of insurance plans and types, catering to the individual needs of our clients as a design a strategic risk management plan. Our friendly, experienced professionals can help you select a comprehensive insurance package. We will evaluate your specific needs and recommend the right policy for your situation and budget.

The Choice is Yours

As an independent insurance agency, ASTORIA RMS works with the top insurance companies in the industry, so we can do the comparison shopping for you. While we have relationships with these carriers, we also have the independence to recommend the best plan for your needs.

Through the insurance companies we represent, you’ll have access to all types of insurance, from the basics like auto and home insurance, to highly specialized coverages.


The year 2020 has shown us that "tradition" must be flexible. From wildfires to extreme weather events and COVID-19, 2020 has taught of to pivot like a New York Jazz Dancer. Jann designed ASTORIA RMS with embracing change of at the forefront of our brand and how we serve, with Insurtech at its core.

If the idea of "Insurtech" and online insurance marketing was only about purchasing coverage on your uncle's old motorcycle when he retired, you are SO missing out! Insurtech is about saving time, saving resources, and of late - saving lives. If you didn't know it, ASTORIA RMS was built for risk management's online destiny.

Jann Robinson and ASTORIA RMS want you to know that your concern for the health of your staff and family is not lost on us. We are a community of families and not just a community of FEIN numbers. It takes all of us - at our best and doing our best - to keep our vibrant community going.

Cyber Threats, COVID-19, and Innovation have effectively changed how we do business. ASTORIA RMS is prepared to serve you safely, both online and off. Our carrier relationships bring the best risk management resources to your fingertips and ALL of your screens. From online portals for paying your WorkComp premiums and making policy changes, to online application submissions, we can pivot to service your needs. Think you're Insure-tech ready? Have you got a smart phone or computer and space on your hard drive for your application docs? Yes? Then you're ready!!!

Schedule your Discovery Call today to begin the video call journey with Jann.

And Jann doesn't judge your video call Interruptions... No Really, remember, you're dealing with the Cheese-loving, Mother of Six, and she's seen it all. Whether you're interrupted by tech issues, the reverb of your colleague's Fish Tales from down the hall or your neighbor's cat who suddenly appears on the screen, Jann doesn't judge. Jann is patient, flexible and ready for meetings from your high rise office or your newly outfitted, dining room table office. For us, tradition is still of great value, because nothing compares to good old-fashioned face-to-face. If tradition is your preference, let us know, we can accommodate.

We welcome you to insure your cyber, your building, and all of your business enterprise concerns with ASTORIA RMS.

How Can We Help You?

Our goal is to develop long-standing, personal client relationships. Request a quote or contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, access your risk universe, review your current insurance policies, and discuss your insurance needs.