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ASTORIA RMS offers more in Trucking Insurance! 

Risk management for the trucking industry is rife with interrelated challenges – all affecting the viability of an operation and – in some cases – its very existence. When faced with ever-increasing insurance costs (on average 10-15% year-over-year since 2010), a growing shortage of qualified drivers (resulting in focus on merely filling seats rather than sound placement protocols) and burgeoning "nuclear verdicts" (lawsuit verdict in excess of $10 Million), it is critical that you seek competent counsel to properly structure your assets and arrange risk financing to handle the unforeseen.

With access to best-in-class insurers backed by proper risk control and safety resources, we bring stability and well crafted risk strategies to bear, enabling you to enhance your credibility in the marketplace thereby increasing your value to your customers.

Let a "call to ARMS" be your next step in bringing reason and sensible pricing to your fleet insurance program!

Ask about our ADP and MTC coverages to insure your fleet, including New Venture. Contact us for more info.