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Risk Management Services

Now Available in Alabama: CGL Communicable Disease/Worldwide Pandemic Endorsement

Jann Robinson    

Agency Principal, ASTORIA RMS

I am Jann Robinson, proud Steel Magnolia, Mother of Six, and Lover of Cheese. Professionally, I am a Risk Management Specialist, dedicated to serving and working alongside our business community leaders - providing informed answers to the risk management quandaries and trusted solutions so all can sleep at night - certain the future is protected.

Below, learn about the What? Why? and How? of ASTORIA RMS Risk Management.

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Connectivity is critical in today’s fast-paced business ecosystem. Being able to traverse the landscape while gathering crucial data to govern your next move requires a nimble, yet focused, team of like-minded professionals who garner the same passion for your goals as you!


Part-and-parcel to any directive is the assessment of inherent risk: do we, or don’t we. Having the confidence in your risk management team and their recommendations will allow you to make informed decisions as to business choices to strategically reach your goals while protecting your assets and liquidity.


Our mission is you! We bring together best-in-class risk financing opportunities coupled with decades of professional prowess to bolster your balance sheet and plan for the unexpected.

We revel in resilience and strive to make you the best you can be!

Welcome to ASTORIA RMS.


Informed answers. Trusted solutions. Protecting your future.