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Home Based Business Insurance

ASTORIA RMS offers Home Based Business Insurance. 

Working from home is now the norm for many workers and business, but have you considered the "exposures" of working from home? Whether you're a Photographer, Wedding Planner, Dog-Walker, Bookkeeper, Consultant, or Cottage Caterer, the proper insurance coverage and limits are integral to the success of your business and protecting your home mortgage.

If you have recently started your home business, you likely didn't consider insurance, thinking that you already had coverage because you have insurance on your home. Typical homeowners insurance does not cover a home business and must be added. At best, the limits available on your home policy are insufficient to safeguard your business and should be reviewed in light of the actual "function" of your business. If you intend on meeting with customers at your home office, your home insurance may greatly frown upon that activity. Due to the many constraints we are under as a result of the Global Pandemic, having customers as "guests" in your home office may well be best for you (having kids do school from home) and your business operations. 

If you find yourself falling someone in these or similar scenarios, we are happy to help you work through the details and design a comprehensive plan for your success!  

And don't forget about Professional Liability Insurance as it, too, is integral to your home based business' risk management design. Contact us for more info.