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Commercial Flood Insurance

ASTORIA RMS offers Commercial Flood Insurance. 


Commercial property insurance does not usually cover food damage. Only food insurance does. At least 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster. Commercial property insurance does not generally cover food damage. Only food insurance does. 

Protect your business from unexpected food damage. You work hard to make sure your business is running smoothly. Unfortunately, far too many businesses end up having to close their doors after a food. Just a few inches of water can damage walls and floors, wreck expensive equipment, ruin furniture, destroy supplies, and cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Any area can food. In fact, 40% of National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims came from outside the high-risk food areas between 2015 and 2019. From 2014 through 2018, the average commercial food claim was more than $112,000. Without food insurance, most business owners have to pay recovery costs out of pocket. 

There are two types of commercial food insurance coverage options: building property and personal property (contents). The maximum amount in coverage for each policy is $500,000. The NFIP encourages business owners to purchase both types of coverage to make sure they are financially prepared for potential fooding.

What does building food insurance cover?*

• Foundations 

• Electrical systems 

• Plumbing systems 

• Water heaters 

• Central air conditioning 

What does contents food insurance cover?* 

• Furniture 

• Machinery and equipment 

• Business inventory 

• Portable and window air conditioners 

• Portable microwave ovens 

• Portable dishwashers 

• Clothes washers and dryers 

• Food freezers

Don't risk another flood season or even another day without flood insurance. To protect you in the event of flood we offer FEMA's Flood Insurance, Prefered Risk Flood, and Private Flood insurance with impressive limits for both building and contents.

Contact us for more info or our 10-Day Waiting Period Flood Insurance.

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