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4 Tips to Enjoy Your Backyard Safely This Summer

4 Tips to Enjoy Your Backyard Safely This Summer

With summer back in full swing, it’s time to have some backyard fun – especially since many people are spending a lot of time together at home. And summer may not feel complete without the classic backyard barbecue and poolside party.

However, to make sure there are no home hazards in sight and to have carefree family get-togethers, it’s important to take note of the following tips:

  1. Supervise the kids around the pool.

    Aside from keeping the backyard pool locked when no one is available to supervise the kids (and pets), take turns watching the children as they go for a dip. Also, provide kids and not-so-skilled swimmers with safety gear, such as life jackets and floatation devices.

    If you’re partying, don’t allow inebriated guests to use the pool – even if they are only mildly intoxicated.

  2. Guard your grill and fire pit.

    While steaks, burgers, and franks are backyard barbecue essentials, don’t forget to position your grill several feet away from your house, pool and children’s play areas, deck railing, eaves, and overhanging foliage. Also, keep it in tip-top condition so there’s no need to worry about holes, leaks, or blockages.

    The same advice goes for your fire pit, as it also poses a risk for fire accidents and injuries. Keep a close watch on these and dispose of any leftover coal or burnt material properly.

  3. Lay some swing set ground rules.

    A swing set can give kids hours of playtime fun. However, when it’s not set up correctly and with the right amount of clearance, it can pose certain safety risks.

    First of all, make sure you set up your swing set with a six-foot fall zone on all sides. Keep the area clear of any other objects or play equipment and mind the kids while they are playing. The same rule applies if you have a trampoline at home or other types of playsets.

  4. Keep power tools and gardening equipment properly stored.

    While you’re out puttering about your garden, always clean up and put all tools and equipment safely in storage once you’re done. Remember, it’s summer and the kids (and even your pets) would be poking at anything and everything they find lying around. Take the same precautions when it comes to gardening supplies like fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, and other household chemicals.

Summer means backyard get-togethers for many of us. And to ensure it’s all good fun, keep it safe for everyone!