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Danger-Prone-Doug: #riskmanagement Food for Thought

Danger-Prone-Doug: #riskmanagement Food for Thought

Danger-Prone-Doug: #riskmanagement Food for Thought

Have you ever wondered if some people are inherently "danger prone?"

I seem to have some sort of “sense” about trouble ahead, which serves me well as a mom of six children. I've always been able to magically see what others may not immediately notice. Acknowledgement of this gift was the best compliment I was given by The Palm Steakhouse's Wally Ganzi, when on #CBSTheJob back in 2013. True to my nature, many times I was the lead when a customer or employee was hurt while at the Palm West location.

If you've ever been a participant in the claims process for employee or guest injuries, I do hope your experience wasn't too eventful and hasn't caused you ongoing distress. As you might know, the claims process is one chock-full of minute details, some which could be hazardously put off as “nothing.” I am grateful for how working for The Palm Steakhouse and being involved in claims as a management professional allowed me to make use of all my skills of tact and diplomacy acquired through my mom’s parenting, my professional experiences, and being a mom. Moreover, it was my great pleasure to be a part of the longest-running family owned restaurant in the country. Sadly, The Palm was sold to Landry's in Spring of 2020. My time with The Palm is one of life's moment I will always treasure.

People who know me personally have commented that I was made for #riskmanagement and marvel at how I keep my eyes open for potential slip and fall accidents... I pick up the- grape- that- got -away when shopping in the grocery store, rejoicing that some sweet senior citizen won't break a hip or two. Before COVID-19 I would fix stuff while waiting at the register, a habit so hard to break from my retail days at Parisian. Hey, my senses just tell me that if I don’t stop and fix it, it’s gonna be a bad day for the business owner when some danger-prone-Doug meets with his next unfortunate event!

That said, Uplift Legal Funding, a Litigation Finance Firm out of Los Angeles, has studied their case file for the idea of one actually being danger prone. According to Uplift Legal Funding’s Jared Stern, “With this link between us as people and the names we are given, we thought that it would be interesting to take our data and find out which names are associated with those who are more accident prone – I hope for all the Kyles and Haileys out there, the research isn’t completely accurate!” Apparently, there is this group of people - discovered by Jared’s legal research - for whom I travel ahead of to reduce the incidents of plunder merely wrought out of the name they were given. Gosh,

Jared could have been an actuarial professional or even my business partner in #riskmanagement, The Patron Saints of Safety… I like it!

So the next time you're out shopping and see a grape or a plastic tag on the floor, think of Kyle and Hailey and pick it up - your good deed is done for the day! Image that, you unknowingly saved someone from inherent misfortune? The store owner will be grateful and you will feel better for having made a positive impact on the world. Look at that, you Patron Saint of Safety, you!