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Active Shooter Insurance


As our nation continues to grapple with Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Disasters, I beg of you to lead your organizations with Risk Management first. Not considering your organizations risk for loss and causality is like trying to seek shelter behind a bright red balloon or colorful umbrella.

Whenever I meet with a prospect, I tell them that my approach to their account is firstly understanding their operations, their organizational culture/structure, and your end user. Irrespective of whether my prospect is a dry cleaner (seeing lots of walkups) or the corporate offices of a publisher (having few onsite visitors), the approach is the same. Once I have a handle on that, I can guide them in the architecture of risk solutions to meet their needs, requirements, and their budget.

Nonetheless, whatever you do, please consider your exposure to Active Shooter events and the lone estranged partner seeking revenge. An event of this type is a reputation threat, a financial threat, and a threat to the continuance of your organization. Let's talk about some Peace of Mind and submit an application for insurance to mitigate the Sleepless Nights associated with the mounting risk and exposures of your organization.

ASTORIA RMS offers Active Shooter Insurance. Contact us for more info. 

Jann Robinson

Agency Principal, ASTORIA RMS




We will consider all classes of business, here are some examples:

  • Education, Religious, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality, Lodging, Healthcare, Public Entities (County, Cities, Townships)

    All 50 States – global offsite coverage can be included

Available LIMITS

  • Victim Coverages: $1MM – $100MM
  • Primary Liability: $1MM – $100MM
  • Business Income and Extra Expense: $1MM-$100MM


  • No Exclusion for Vehicles / Employees / Terrorism / under 3 casualties / over 50 casualties